Immortal Unchained
Immortal Unchained Main Character

A brand new IP has been revealed at Gamescom this week by the name of Immortal Unchained. Immortal Unchained is being developed by a company called Toadman Interactive. Toadman Interactive isn’t popular by any means but the two games they have made, Bloodsport TV and Warhammer: Vermantide, are actually really good games. Also, the game is being published by Sold Out Sales and ┬áMarketing Ltd. And for those of you who didn’t know, Sold Out Sales and Marketing have published games like Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous, Yooka-laylee, The Escapists, Sniper Elite 3 & 4, the Banner Saga and much more. Check their portfolio here. So, so far we have Toadman Interactive making their first AAA title and publishing team that has experience pushing out some of the best games we have today. I’ll push my luck and say this game will be good but unfortunately we only have a one minute trailer that doesn’t really show too much so we can’t really judge. But from what we do see, it looks pretty damn cool. Check it out below.

I’m trying to save any hype or criticism for when we see more about the game but something that does sound promising is that the game was influenced by Dark Souls. So, my interpretation of that is that it will be third person shooter that involves big bosses and a lot of either rolling and/or sliding left and right. You can see a brief instance of that in the trailer. Also, I am hoping for an in depth weapons and armor system like the souls game had as well. All in all this is only hopes and speculation but only time will tell.

For everything about Immortal Unchained, keep it locked into Game Data Network.

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