Since Nintendo has released their new console, the Switch, it seems like a lot of those classic games we played when we were growing up have been making a steady return. Sonic Mania was recently released and the game itself is unique because of how it represents the older Sonics on the Sega Genesis. The new Legend of Zelda which was also  released earlier this year was groundbreaking and has furthered one of our top favorite game franchises. Nintendo is making a come back and they are about to release some major titles.


1.) Metroid : Samus Returns (2017)

We here at GDN love a lot of games and have personal favorites. That being said we have waited countless years to hear word of return from our favorite gaming series. Metroid ¬†is the main reason why we a have the Switch and of course Zelda. ¬†Nintendo has done it again, furthering our memories of a game we watched or played when we were kids. Some of my best memories of gaming go back to when my friends and I were playing Metroid Prime and I cannot wait to relive those memories but as an adult. Metroid is expected to be released September 15th of this year so if you don’t have a switch yet heres a reason to get one.



2.) Super Mario Odyssey (2017)

Mario, Nintendos pride and joy, is making a return to rescue Peach once again in an action packed adventure. Mario Odyssey was debuted at E3 and ever since Nintendo fans all around are waiting anxiously for the game to release. After watching gameplay it seems they are taking a RPG approach like what they did Super Mario Sunshine. The boys in the lab know how to concoct a great Mario game so this is going to be another must for all you Nintendo fanatics! Mario will be hitting the shelf on October 27th of 2017 so you better reserve a copy before its to late!



3.) Kirby (2018)

Everyones favorite pink hero is transforming his way back into our hearts. Kirby has finally been announced for a return. Having played a decent amount of Kirby games my favorite was Kirby Squeak Squad which was released in 2006 since then i haven’t been a fan of the recents. We are pleased to see another Kirby game and we hope its as fun as it looks. Kirby for Switch will include Co-op up to 4 friends and with colorful, rich environments for you and your friends. There is no current release date known except sometime in 2018.


4.) Sonic Forces (2017)

The blue hedgehog strikes again! Not only were we lucky enough to get one Sonic game but we are receiving another. Sonic Mania has already taken off and received great reviews for its soundtrack and gameplay. Although Sonic Forces seems be on a different path from the original games. In this upcoming Sonic game you are to create a custom character to aid Sonic, Knuckles and Tails to fight off Eggman and a handful of powerful foes. No worries! The player will still be able to play as Sonic and Classic Sonic which entails different modes for each character. Fast paced action for Modern Sonic, thrilling platforming for Classic Sonic, and the custom character will be able to utilize the gadgets equipped to help take down Eggmans forces. Sonic Forces will be available during the Holiday season of 2017.

Skyrim, Payday 2 and Rocket League will be making their way over to the Switch during the Holidays and Winter of 2017. There are many more games that will be available but for now we have listed the cream of the crop. There will be a link below that will guide you to the Nintendo store so you can take a look at the many games to come. Go ahead and leave comments down below on which games you are excited about and we can discuss them!


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