Jurassic World Evolution Baby Dinosaur
Baby Dinosaur

Jurassic World: Evolution is Frontier’s newest game coming out across Xbox 1, Playstation 4 and PC. Nothing yet has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch but we’re all crossing our fingers! Frontier, for those of you who are not aware, are the developing team behind Roller Coaster Tycoon, Planet Coaster and Elite Dangerous.

If you ever played Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: WILD edition, this game looks like a very VERY advanced rendition of that game. Essentially, its a top down build as you play game that allows you to build your own Jurassic Park, complete with gift shops, restaurants, monorail tours and of course dinosaur exhibits. Your task is to keep a clean and safe park for all of your guests to enjoy, as well as keeping track of revenue and the business side of things. Of course some problems will arise like your typical tyrannosaurus rex breaking loose and eating all of the families alive. So it will then be your job to build a base for your park where your in house military will stay. Then you deploy your militia to go out and hunt for the T-Rex and take non lethal action. Then, as the owner of the park, it is then your job to rebuild your park safer and rebrand it so people will come back after a slaughter.

Jurassic World Evolution T-Rex
The T-Rex hunting for its food

All in all, this will be the game that the franchise will very desperately need. And to be honest, the one that we want! With other games out that kind of mimc the Jurassic Park theme such as Ark: Survival Evolved and the new VR game Ark Park, this is the right step for a successful Jurassic Park game. I personally feel like that anything else would be a mimic of those kind of games that we have now and would be a total flop. Frontier has a fantastic track record of games under their belt and I was kind of surprised that they were the ones behind it. Either way, a Planet Coaster style Jurassic World game sounds different but looks like something we won’t stop playing. Check out the trailer below.

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