Today at Gamescom we got a brand new Overwatch map revealed.. Junkertown! Junkertown is an apocalyptic sanctuary home to all of the bad mamba-jamba’s that live there. The story is that Junkrat and Road Hog have been kicked out and need a way to sneak back in to kill the queen. So, as they do, they go on a worldwide heist and collect a bunch of loot and various valuables. They put on a disguise and load everything onto a cart that is rigged with a bunch of explosives on the bottom and once inside the queens den, the cart will go BOOM! But, as you probably expected, one problem came about. Junkrat blew their cover and got locked out for good. So, with no way in, they need the Overwatch teams help in order to break in and carry out their mission. Check out the short with all of the background lore below.

Here is video of the map layout:

Overwatch has been on a role lately releasing new content. From Doomfist to Junkertown there is plenty of more content being released shortly. Keep here at GameDataNetwork for things on Overwatch. See you in the field agent.

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