Rainbow Six Siege Operators going head to head
Who will come out on top?

Wow, can you believe that season 3 of Rainbow Six Siege is right around the corner? We have waited patiently through operation health and now 3 fresh operators have been introduced and a brand new enchanting map is on its way. For those who haven’t played Siege, it is an intense 5v5 tactical first person shooter. The game requires immense focus, teamwork and communication for a clean, successful victory. Rainbow Six Siege has easily become one of GDN’s most played games due to the fact that no matter how many times you play the same map there is always a new approach on how to tackle the situation at hand. For 15 dollars on steam this game is definitely a must have for those adrenaline junkies looking for a fix, but we’re not here to discuss the game itself. For those who have been following the game since day one, we have seen many new operators enter the dragons den. Now season 3 has arrived and for some reason we are more excited for these new characters than we have been previously.

New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Ela
Ela is going to be a strong character on the battlefield

Out of the three upcoming ops, Ela is our most anticipated one we have seen in all of the years of siege. Her special ability allows her to deploy a particular type of mine that stuns and confuses the enemy player. Sound familiar? It would seem that Ela has the same effect that Echo, a newer Japanese operator, utilizes with his drone. As a defender she will play a huge role in protecting the hostage and the bomb site. A well placed mine could disable an attacker allowing Caviera to swoop in with an interrogation and leak the positions of the enemy team. Out of the three new operators Ela is the only Polish operator of her kind so far. The other two originate from Hong Kong.

Brand New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Lesion Blood Orchid
Lesion and his mines are deadly foes you do not want to encounter

Speaking of the devil, here we have Lesion. One of the future operatives with another mine ability but this one seems more deadly and intoxicating. The thing about Lesion is that his mines are so crucial and can change the outcome of a match. One touch from one of these toxic coated devils will go a long way. While the poison chips away at the attackers health and movement it leaves the attacking operator vulnerable. For defending, Lesion will be another dangerous foe you will go head to head with. This will determine how you will utilize the attacking operators to avoid his toxic babes. When you attack, it is well advised to be aware of your surroundings and memorize the details of maps you have played on. Being able to spot one of these mines could mean life or death…

Brand New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Ying Blood Orchid
Ying is an upcoming Honk Kong attacker with special flash charges

Last but certainly not least we have Ying, the second Hong Kong operator who shows great promise. Ying has the ability to discharge multiple flash grenades, kind of like fuze, dazing the enemy team giving the attacking team a chance to rush in and precisely take down the confused defenders. As this can be helpful it can also be detrimental. For those who have played Siege they are quite aware that friendly fire is always enabled. Sometimes you may be put in a position where a fellow player who does not communicate and runs off on his own could be hit with a stray flash charge allowing a roaming defender to pick him off easily. Ying is certainly going to be a strong attacker and a necessary operator for a quick, tactical takedown.

IQ scanning for electronics
IQ scanning for electronics

These new operators seem to be able to control the matches. Especially the two new defenders but they do have one flaw, their devices are detectable by a certain German operator. IQ will be able to pinpoint exactly where the mines are located and safely diffuse them. She has the ability to locate any electronics thanks to a device located on her forearm. Due to the nature of her device, she will provide a safe path through the mine infested maps.

Jager Rainbow Six Siege
A demonstration of Jagers Active Defense System

As for dealing with a cluster charge of flash grenades, Jager, another German operator, will be the best option with his ADS(active defense system) mounted on the walls or floors. This defense system neutralizes the grenades before they hit the ground protecting the team of defenders. Not only does Jager have a unique gadget but his 416 is a stellar sub machine gun that does great damage and is feared among the attackers.


Tachanka Riding a Roller oaster Rainbow Six Siege Blood Orchid
Why not get a ride in before the fight starts?

The developers have also announced a new map to go along with the three operators and we can’t get enough of this layout. ¬†Picture this if you will.. Imagine visiting one of those thrilling amusement parks as a kid and seeing the rollercoasters stretch over you, the haunted house reach out to consume you and you can hear the laughter from the ¬†classic bumper cars crashing off in the distance. Now its 30 years in the future and all that remains of that childhood memory is a dilapidated, erie park. You return not as a kid but a skilled operative ready to die for your cause. This map will take place in an old, beautiful amusement park and as you explore more and more of the park you have the nostalgia of your past flooding in and you make new memories of the park. Down below we have a 44 second video of the new map. So go on, what are you waiting for?

Good luck operators.

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