Citadel player looking out onto the water.
Welcome to the land of Citadel

Citadel: Forged With Fire is one of the most promising early access games that I have seen yet this year. Right from the beginning, the developers are driven in finding out what it is that their players want and what  they need in order to make a fun and smooth game-play experience. Sometimes they even release 2-3 patches a day, which is nice because it shows their dedication about getting things fixed and running properly. 

Hunting in Citadel: Forged with Fire
A player sneaking up on some wildlife

Visually, the game looks great for right now but could use improvement. But then again, you don’t watch a porno for the plot. So let’s get down into the meat of things about how the visuals effect game-play. There are some memory leaks in the game as of now but the developers have stated that they are working on it. One common thing that you find in an open world RPG game is that everything that you are looking at are the only things being loaded on your screen/computer, ultimately to save you from massive frame drops. As of Citadel however, it loads everything around you, looking at it or not. But as stated before, they are fixing this. We played this game on a GTX 1080 and an I7 6850K and we were getting a steady 45 frames per second. The game isn’t even a month old so were not gonna be too harsh about it, besides this’ll be old news shortly. And I’m almost positive as the animations and memory leaks improve, the game will take a much more visual turn as well. We’ve seen that before in other early access games such as The Forest, Miscreated, etc..

Base building in Citadel: Forged with Fire
Base building in Citadel: Forged with Fire

While playing, you can see so much potential that the game has. I think I have a total of 2 hours clocked into ARK: Survival Evolved but from what I heard, it is almost like Citadel but with dragons and wizards. Right now we have an early skeleton build of dungeon raiding, base raiding, dragon training and base building. All of them are so much fun to do when you have a squad of friends to accompany you. Especially when your squad is fighting one of the two dungeon bosses (Dragon or Fire Demon but more are coming). Base building is super easy and using spells to extract the resource’s is a refreshing take on the typical survival genre. Taming a dragon is a little overpowered as it currently stands. When you tame any animal, you have it for one hour. You can make scrolls however to keep the animal tamed for much much longer. The problem however is that when you board a dragon, you can fly and use dragon breathe infinitely with no stamina drain. So when you go to base raid, it’s almost a guaranteed win.

Using telekinesis in Citadel: Forged with Fire.
Using telekinesis in Citadel: Forged with Fire.

In conclusion, we simply can’t put a rating on this early access game because come a month from now it could be totally different. Unlike a lot of early access games now a days, the Citadel team is dedicated to fixing these issues and growing their game. The game has come out at a weird time where we are slowly dissipating out of releasing these unoriginal, mundane, repetitive open world survival games because there are too many over populating steam with nothing but empty promises. Citadel however, thus far, has been nothing but fun with occasional hiccups (as per usual with early access titles) and has a great team behind it with a set goal in mind.

Watch the trailer here:

2 thoughts on “Citadel: Forged with Fire – Early Review

  1. great short and simple review, just wanted to point out a mistake as you wrote “recourse’s” instead of resources. Liked the review Though! and you are right, atm it is early access and is doing so much better than other titles

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