The Warden charging into battle while the Samurai try to hold him back.
The Warden charging into battle while the Samurai try to hold him back.

Alright, let’s talk about Ubisoft’s first attempt at a medieval, action strategy game. Sheesh.. Where to begin? This game has been nothing but a complete and utter mess and the free weekend that just happened did nothing else but reinforce that. We’re gonna break this all down from player count, matchmaking, all of the warriors and replay-ability.
For Honor didn’t really see the best launch by any means. According to, when For Honor first launched there was only about roughly 40,000 players playing the game.That means ONLY 666 people bought the game at most on launch day! That’s not including special editions of the game sold for higher prices. So realistically, it could be even less. Those numbers are i’m sure extremely embarrassing for Ubisoft. In fact, a Ubisoft employee that was representing For Honor, talking about a game patch, said “We have a lot of players in For Honor believe it or not, fake news people, we have a lot of players in For Honor to roll it out to.” So Ubisoft is obviously hurting in that regard, else why would they have to say something like that? Well, the numbers and game do not lie. When entering a multiplayer match that has “High Player Activity”, you could be sitting in a que for as long as it would take for you to download another game and move on to something better. But wait, it gets better. The longer you wait in que, it expands the skill level to an even broader range to try and get you into a match quicker (try is the key word here). But all you end up with is playing a game with people that are at a much higher level and skill than you are. Ultimately, trying to get into a match is nearly impossible and when you do, playing against people who have unlocked every best weapon or bought (with real world money) the best warriors, leads up to nothing but repetitive failure. Maybe this is why For Honor has one of the steepest player drop offs I’ve ever seen. Take a look..

For Honor Player Drop Off
For Honor Player Drop Off

Unless you stick with the initial 4 hours, I would say, playing bots to get comfortable with just one character and then another countless to master him/her on multiplayer, the grind just feels worthless. Sure, every enemy has a counter but some work better than others. Unless you’re Peacekeeper , Centurion or Shinobi, then you counter everybody (two of those are paid characters btw). In terms, you could say the fighting style is just a really un-ballanced version of Mortal Kombat. But let me tell you, this game suffers from balancing issues! As the game currently sits, the samurai’s are much too powerful in terms of damage and reach of their weapons.

Blue team Samurai lands a devastating blow to his opponent.
Blue team Samurai lands a devastating blow to his opponent.

Visually the game is a masterpiece. Stunning atmospheres and physics that work really well in the game make the game nothing but pure eye candy!I am a huge fan of medieval time games and I wish every one could look this good. Unfortunately, the repetitive game play from the campaign and a story that is all too predictable result in time you are spending frustrated by a game that could have been groundbreaking for its genre.

With revisiting For Honor, the staff here at Game Data Network gives it a 4/10.

For Honor Rating

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