Dying Light trying to survive.
Trying to survive in the slums of Harran.

Wouldn’t you believe that back in 2015, Dying Light was released. Yet, still to this day there are over 500,000 weekly players playing it on Steam. That’s huge! Those numbers have shown the developers that this is no small community. There are still a lot people out there that have made this into a community and they are craving for more!

Having fun with the rag-doll effects in Dying Light.
Having fun with the rag-doll effects in Dying Light.

So, as a thank you from the game’s developer Techland, Dying Light will be getting 10 free DLC’s within the year. Check out the video below where Tymon Smektala talks all about it:

There is no official release date as of yet but as Tymon said, we’ll be getting it very soon. Which is very exciting! The 10 DLC drops begin with the DLC called “No. 0”. No. 0 will only introduce the new ski mask wearing enemies and some other creatures. But, being able to travers through Harran once again with new enemies, creatures, weapons and ultimately new stories will feel great. And a lot of it.

Running over a zombie in a buggy.

This is not all that we will see from the company that killed Dead Island 2, however. They are currently working on new games, as well as 2 new AAA title games that we have never seen before. So get ready for the future of Techland because we will see them again very shortly.

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