Kingdom Hearts III and Toy Story
Sora, Donald and Goofy talking to Buzz, Woody, Rex, Ham, Little Green Aliens and the Toy Soldiers.

We were told earlier today at the Level Up! event at the D23 event in Anaheim, California that Kingdom Hearts III will have a release date of 2018! Finally! This year we are celebrating 15 years of Kingdom Hearts III, so we knew that Disney was gonna pull something magical out of their sorcerers hat for this big event! And they did it.

Kingdom Hearts III and Big Hero 6
Sora riding on the back of Baymax.

On top of the release date, we got a brand new world within the Kingdom Hearts universe. Last month we got the world of Big Hero 6 and today we got the announcement of Toy Story joining the action in Kingdom Hearts III. The trailer starts off in Andy’s room, where are trio of heroes are welcomed by Buzz, Woody and the gang. Some of Andy’s toys were taken by Organization XIII and it is now their job to leave the room and head on down to the local toy shop to get rid of the heartless and bring the toys back.

Check out the trailer here:


Hopefully we will see some more worlds in the future and a more specific release date but for now, Toy Story is just the icing on the cake to keep our hype at an all time high here at Game Data Network.

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