Anthem was first displayed at the Xbox conference in 2017. The game, along side with its ground breaking gameplay and astonishing graphics, has now glided its way into one of the most hyped releases of 2018. To start off, those who have not seen ANTHEM in action, there will be a link at the end of the article directing you to the mecha mayhem. ANTHEM is science- fiction, Co-op, RPG that takes place in the future where humans are all but extinct. The player will follow the cunning Freelancers who venture outside the walls of safety in search of supplies, exploration and destroying anything that dares to threaten mankind. The Freelancers suit up in advanced gear known as Javelins which are necessary for outside exploration. The Javelins are equipped with unique weapons and abilities. That being said, the player can discover new weapons and abilities furthering the destructive power that their fully customizable Javelin deserves.

Here we see a Javelin called the Ranger. A well balanced suit providing worthy power and mobility to the freelancer.

ANTHEM is Co-op up to 4 players meaning you and your friends can saddle up in Javelins and explore the unknown lands outside of humanities domain. The player can customize the Javelin to match their personality. One of the Javelins shown in the gameplay trailer is called the Colossus, a heavy suit of armor designed to pack a devastating punch. One can choose that specific Javelin and attach a mortar to deal catastrophic damage to the enemies.

A Ranger and a Colossus about to embark on a rescue mission

After the Colussus makes touchdown, the next part, no one was ready for. The ranger then jumps off of the ledge goes full iron man, starting to fly through the air. The pinnacle of the trailer for me, was when the Ranger is whizzing past the beautiful landscape in the air and then dives into the deep ocean below. It is still unclear however, when you can use your jetpack to fly around. There are many questions like “Can I do that whenever I want?” “Can I fly into space with that?”. As we have seen in the past with Bioware, with great hype comes great let down so be careful what you expect!

Ranger escapes fire by diving into ocean.
A ranger escaping enemy fire by diving into the deep blue.

ANTHEM will be available in 2018 so get ready and suit up for one of the most breathtaking games of the century. For more answers to your questions regarding ANTHEM, stick right here with Game Data Network.

For ANTHEM gameplay click here: ANTHEM Gameplay 

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