CupHead Moonvoyage
CupHead and MugMan enjoying a game of Moon Voyage together.

CupHead is a 2D, fast paced run and gun action game but what makes this so extraordinary is the 1930 graphic and soundtrack style. The story revolves around CupHead and MugMan trying to repay their debt to the Devil and along the way they gain new powers, travel throughout unique lands and encounter colorful bosses.The game was first showcased at E3 in 2016 and now has a confirmed release date for September 29th, 2017.

CupHead mermaid boss
A giant mermaid boss that looks quite difficult.

CupHead is a breathe of fresh air in a market over-ruled by the standard FPS genres. Its distinguishable art style and goofy sounds are just two reasons why this game is all the hype. That same lively animation style that Walt Disney introduced to the world in the 1930s is still being used for our entertainment. It goes without saying that CupHead carries the heart of Walt Disney and the game reflects the beauty of one mans imagination. After being announced at E3 2016 and then going “rogue” for almost a full year, we were extremely excited to finally get a release date of later this year. CupHead has already raised the bar, setting new limits for indie games. In the mean time, we have a new crowned king.

CupHead and MugMan
CupHead and MugMan bustin’ a jig

The game has a Co-op mode allowing you and friend to CUP-le up and dive into the vibrant lands of this magical game. Get ready to throw on the gloves in this fast action, beautiful adventure known as CupHead! This game is NOW available for pre-order on Steam and the Microsoft store. Follow the link for purchasing options and good luck on your journey to free yourself of the Devil!

Gear up with CupHead merchandise here:

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