Star Citizen is a fresh new take on space adventure games that ties in Co-op exploration, combat and a soon to be economic system. The game is beautiful, addicting and this is just the beginning. Star Citizen has a long road ahead and we will be here every step of the way to provide information regarding the new updates,  new points of interest in-game and talk to you about questions or the possibilities of Star Citizen. The 3.0 update is expected to be released on June 30th, 2017. What comes next is nail-biting for fellow Citizen players. The highlight of 3.0.0 is there will 3 planets/moons available to explore including new missions that tie into the planets.

Goliath cargo ship, Star Citizen 3.0
A goliath cargo ship known as the Caterpillar descends upon Yela, a lonely moon.

Yela is frigid moon that is unforgiving against those travelers who are careless. There are many ways to die. One who is flying too close to the surface might be in for a surprise. There are many cyrovolcanos that erupt randomly causing major damage to the ship’s hull or even obliterating the vessel. The extreme temperatures take many lives so a spacesuit is a must. Though it seems like this planet would be a turn off, due to the hazardous conditions, there are many secrets dwelling below the surface. There are underwater caves and who knows what lurks beneath…

Cellin is quite the opposite of Yela. The moon burns with toxic gasses and volcanic activity. These gasses are released from the below the crust causing low visibility and physical harm. Though some the volcanoes are inactive there are thermal geysers, similar to the cryo volcanoes on Yela, that are just as deadly.

Cellin Star Citizen
The view from Cellin is breathtaking

Last but not least we have Daymar, a planet that has a blend of both Yelas and Cellins environment. The mountains peak to the atmosphere and the craters descend like crevasses. The thick fog makes it hard to traverse and random lightning storms pose a threat to the wanderer on foot. This planet seems to be balanced for the most part though it is known for having a dense atmosphere.

Star Citizen 3.0 mysterious planet
What mysteries does this planet hold?

This 3.0.0 update has released much more than just planets and moons. There is so much more that the devs are working on to expand the gameplay of Star Citizen. To learn more about 3.0.0 and the game itself click on the link below. Gods speed and we hope to see you in the ever expanding universe of Star Citizen.

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